Materially, we're all doing better than ever before but still many people feel unhappy, stressed and rushed.
In her documentary, Marianna Farfalla shows the causes for our dissatisfaction and how we can feel happy and relaxed again.
The entire documentary was filmed in beautiful Tuscany where Marianna lives.

It consists of four parts:

1 Living from your own source of happiness
2 Loving relationships
3 A healthy way of living
4 Serious global problems and the solution

Marianna Farfalla studied andragogics (a blend between sociology, psychology and philosophy)
and specialized in Gestalt psycho synthesis, Intuitive development and Pathwork.
She has been teaching at a professional university and working as a psychotherapist for years.
Around the age of 40 she left for Tuscany and wrote two books on happiness and health.

Part 1: Living from your own source of happiness

In this part Marianna explains that we’re all born with a natural ability to be happy, our inner source of happiness.
Unfortunately, we are cut off from this source and it’s beaten into our heads that we can only be happy
by earning as much money as we possibly can. Marianne shows how we can re-establish contact with our source
and develop self-awareness and self-confidence.
We learn to deal with negative behavioral patterns and how positive thinking
and creative visualization can help us realize all of our dreams.

Part 2: Loving relationships

We haven’t properly learned to love ourselves and others because we chase after outward show.
Advertising imposes absurd ideal images on us that create a negative self-image within us.
Partners no longer have time for each other, parents are too busy to be proper guides for their children.
In this part Marianna shows how you can tackle all of these social requirements and deal with yourself
and your family members in a positive and loving way again, so your home becomes a safe haven
where you can truly be yourself.

Part 3: A healthy way of living

Our present lives are characterized by an unhealthy, stressful lifestyle.
More and more people are seeking refuge in alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
We eat too much and we eat the wrong foods (too much sugar and saturated fat), use sleeping medications
and anti-depressants. In this part Marianna maps out the damage: diseases of civilization such as cancer,
cardio vascular disease, hypoglycemia and systemic candida were hardly found before the Industrial Revolution.
Marianna uses world-wide research to show how you can remain healthy, slim and vital throughout your life.
She shows the importance of organic, balanced nutrition and supplements to prevent conditions of old age,
combined with a targeted exercise program. She’s a proponent of integral, holistic medicine
and takes you to a special health clinic.

Part 4: Serious global problems and the solution:

We are increasingly suffering from the effects of the climate crisis, the credit crisis and expressions of religious delusion.
Global power is in the hands of banks and large multinationals. Humanity is facing a choice:
We either all go down together because of our greed, personal enrichment and overusing ourselves and the environment
or we create a better world that is based on solidarity and an honest distribution of goods,
while developing a sustainable production system.
According to Marianna we need an awareness revolution in which people connect mind and heart, stop senseless wars
and get moving to break world power by becoming as self-reliant as we can be, for example
by making our buildings climate neutral.