Story Marianna Farfalla

From surviving to living

The earth and its inhabitants are not doing well. One part of mankind is getting sick from excessive prosperity and obesity while the other part gets sick from a lack of food and clean drinking water.

Materially, our industrial society is doing better than ever but physically and mentally more and more people feel empty and exhausted. An increasing number of people is seeking refuge in alcohol, cigarettes and too much food, the wrong food, sleeping medication and anti-depressants. What can we do to get out of this downward spiral? We are trapped in a system of commercialization in which selfishness, greed, personal enrichment and the need to perform have the upper hand. We need to produce and consume to the fullest and exhaust ourselves and nature. We were once driven out of our small-scale businesses to perform monotonous, mind-numbing work in factories and offices, in an unhealthy work environment centered around cut-backs and increased workloads.

An increasing number of people are getting burnt out prematurely. For our basic needs we have become dependent on a large-scale production system. The government is abandoning us ever more, didnít properly supervise banks and is failing in its environmental policy which resulted in a major credit crisis and climate crisis from which we all suffer. Health care is become more commercial. All of this was possible because we were lived unaware lives and didnít pay attention. Itís high time we take life back into our own hands and take action for a better organization of our society. First we need to understand why weíve become so complacent and passive.

During our upbringing and education we are cunningly prepared to be deployed in this ratio-controlled system. We are being cut off from our most precious possession, our inner source of happiness, our true self. With that we lose our pure intuition which always points us in the right direction, and our natural ability to be joyful and happy, to experience inner peace and feel connected with other people and nature. Without this ability we become insecure and sensitive to manipulation and itís hammered into our heads that we can only be happy if we earn as much money as we possibly can and surround ourselves with all kinds of status symbols and outward display. In her documentary, Marianna maps out the damage caused by our unhealthy, stressed lifestyle. Diseases of civilization such as cancer, cardio vascular disease, hypoglycemia and systemic candida were barely around before the Industrial Revolution. Depression is threatening to become the number one common disease and is often the result of a negative self-image and inner emptiness.

Marianna teaches you to get the most out of life and to be happy and healthy. Based on ancient wisdom and world-wide research she gives valuable advice and techniques to reconnect with your inner source of happiness and to deal with harmful behavioral patterns. She teaches you to liberate your mind from negative thoughts and to choose positive thoughts, so you can use creative visualization to become a happy person and realize all your dreams.

Marianna is offering a complete program for a healthy lifestyle which consists of sufficient exercise and high-quality nutrition. She points out the health risks of industrially processed foods and large-scale cattle breeding and demonstrates the importance of organic, balanced nutrition and supplemental vitamins, minerals and other supplements to prevent conditions of old age. Sheís a proponent of integral medicine and takes you with her to a special health clinic. With this program you can stay fit and slim to your old age. The entire documentary was recorded in beautiful Tuscany where Marianna has been living for years and where she is working on her mission: to unleash an awareness revolution that will lead to the development of a sustainable, constructive production system that is based on the real needs of people, solidarity and a fair division of goods.